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JIS - Just in Sequence

The absoco Excel Reporter is a powerful reporting tool for generating and distributing reports in MS Excel format.

The Excel Reporter reads data from your database and creates reports based on templates. These are sent by e-mail if desired or simply stored in the network.

Once set up, this all happens automatically in the background without user intervention.

Excel reporter_VE.png

Data sources: Excel Reporter reports can be created from any database content. The following databases can serve as data sources (others on request):

  • IBM System i (AS/400)

  • Oracle (8, 9, 10, 11)

  • MySQL

  • MS SQLServer

  • Apache Derby / Java DB

In addition, Excel Reporter can, if desired:

  • Run SQL scripts or CL programs before generating reports

  • Insert timestamps into reports and emails

  • Form row groups (summary view)

  • Pack and encrypt reports

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