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system monitor

The abosco System Monitor is an effective tool for the automated monitoring of hardware and applications of your company network. It thus ensures that you detect and correct errors quickly and spend little time and capacity on troubleshooting.

Results and test reports can be viewed via an intuitive user interface, and the overall status can be quickly assessed at a single glance. For this purpose, the user interface has a dedicated area that shows the color green, yellow or red - similar to a traffic light. Optionally, it is possible to connect a signal system that visually displays these colors.

System administrators are also supported by the System Monitor: In the event of a fault, e-mails or SMS can be sent automatically or a telephone number can be dialed.
It is also possible to have a report on the overall status of the system sent by email at defined times.

System Monitor _VE.png

Availability and functions: The absoco System Monitor is a client/server system. It was developed for the Java platform and is executable on all systems for which a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or higher is available. It is platform-independent, since it is completely implemented in Java.

Excerpt of possible inspectors:
System Monitor-Eng-Chris.png
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